Lower School Art Night

On February 16th at the Highlander lower school in Providence, the cafeteria was displaying art made by the students along with the gallery being transformed in to a glow in the dark cave. There were snacks along with art activities, a scavenger hunt, and face painting.
Highlander students began their learning journey by viewing prehistoric cave art from around the world.  We marveled at the universality of human’s desire to create.  Then students were asked a question:  “if people from the far distant future Art night glow in the dark cavewere to look at our art work, what would you draw that would show them something about our lives today?  What is important to us?  What do we like?”  20170120_125640Students worked collaboratively to fill large pieces of butcher paper with their thoughts.  They used Ipads to find references to draw from, as well as drawing tutorials.  The final gallery show morphed into a modern glow-in-the-dark cave filled with the popular culture and big ideas that Highlander students hold dear.