Faculty & Staff

Charima Arroyo
Position: 6th Grade Teacher
Email: carroyo@highlandercharter.org

Dan Baldassi
Position: 3rd Grade Teacher
Email: dbaldassi@highlandercharter.org

Trevor Borges
Position: Co-Coordinator of Technology
Email: tborges@highlandercharter.org

Jeremy Bovay
Position: High School Science Teacher
Email: jbovay@highlandercharter.org

Richard Campbell
Position: Language Lab Instructor
Email: rcampbell@hc.school

Oneika Castro
Position: Middle School English Teacher
Email: ocastro@highlandercharter.org

Katelyn Chouinard
Position: 4th Grade Teacher
Email: kchouinard@highlandercharter.org

Audra Cornell
Position: MS Math
Email: acornell@hc.school

Julissa Cruz
Position: Teacher Assistant
Email: jcruz@highlandercharter.org

Jeanne D’Agostino
Position: Development Director
Email: jdagostino@highlandercharter.org

Carlisa DeLawrence
Position: HS Resource
Email: cdelawrence@hc.school

Holly Dobson
Position: PreK Teacher
Email: hdobson@highlandercharter.org

Michael Dodge
Position: Upper School Art Teacher
Email: mdodge@highlandercharter.org

Susan Froehlich
Position: Speech & Language Pathologist
Email: sfroehlich@highlandercharter.org

Ely Garcia
Position: Teacher Assistant - Kindergarten (KB)
Email: egarcia@highlandercharter.org

Dulcina Glenn
Position: Office Manager
Email: dglenn@highlandercharter.org

Angela Goulart
Position: Middle School Science Teacher
Email: agoulart@highlandercharter.org

Stephanie Granata
Position: ELL Teacher
Email: sgranata@highlandercharter.org

Michela Grover
Position: HS ELA
Email: mgrover@hc.school

Francis Gutiérrez
Position: School Secretary
Email: fgutierrez@highlandercharter.org

Alenoush Hagopian
Position: 4th Grade Teacher
Email: ahagopian@highlandercharter.org

Atenea Hernandez
Position: Teacher Assistant - Pre-Kindergarten
Email: ahernandez@highlandercharter.org

Seneida Hernández
Position: School Secretary
Email: shernandez@highlandercharter.org

Patty Houlik
Position: Middle School Math Teacher
Email: phoulik@highlandercharter.org

Tatiana Iezzi
Position: 21st CLC After School Coordinator Providence
Email: tromero@highlandercharter.org

Kyle Ivey-Jones
Position: Behavior Specialist
Email: kijones@hc.school

Helena Johns
Position: Career Counselor, HS
Email: hjohns@highlandercharter.org

Nathan Keesee
Position: MS and HS Physical Education Teacher
Email: nkeesee@hc.school

Justine Kinoian
Position: School Social Worker
Email: jkinoian@highlandercharter.org

Soljane Martinez
Position: High School Social Studies Teacher
Email: smartinez@highlandercharter.org

Dehlia McCarthy
Position: School Psychologist
Email: dmccarthy@highlandercharter.org

Susan McKee
Position: Reading Specialist
Email: smckee@highlandercharter.org

Nathaniel McMullen
Position: Middle School English Teacher
Email: nmcmullen@highlandercharter.org

Marlene Medeiros
Position: Kindergarten Teacher
Email: mviveiros@highlandercharter.org

Claribel Mejia
Position: Behavior Specialist
Email: cmejia@highlandercharter.org

Katie Meloro
Position: Elementary Special Education Teacher
Email: kmeloro@highlandercharter.org

Michael Monteiro
Position: HS Math
Email: mmonteiro@hc.school

Karen Nencka
Position: Physical Education Teacher
Email: knencka@highlandercharter.org

Sonia Núñez
Position: Office Assistant
Email: snunez@highlandercharter.org

Annemarie Pavao
Position: Tutor
Email: apavao@highlandercharter.org

Frank Picciotti
Position: Business Manager
Email: fpicciotti@highlandercharter.org

Sophia Picciotti
Position: Lower School Teacher Assistant
Email: spicciotti@highlandercharter.org

Zoila Polanco
Position: Teacher Assistant
Email: zpolanco@highlandercharter.org

Mariel Polanco
Position: Library Aide
Email: mpolanco@highlandercharter.org

Myron Reese
Position: Maintenance

Amy Rego
Position: Elementary Special Education Teacher
Email: arego@highlandercharter.org

Lindsay Robinson
Position: 3rd Grade Teacher
Email: lrobinson@highlandercharter.org

Kelly Rodriguez
Position: Lower School Art Teacher
Email: krodriguez@highlandercharter.org

Ada Rojas
Position: Admissions and Administrative and Manager
Email: arojas@highlandercharter.org

Tania Rosa
Position: Occupational Therapist
Email: trosa@highlandercharter.org

Mary Lou Scalzi
Position: Business Office Assistant
Email: mscalzi@highlandercharter.org

Lisa Schwartz
Position: School Nurse Teacher
Email: lschwartz@highlandercharter.org

Tiffany Solomon
Position: 2nd Grade Teacher
Email: tsolomon@highlandercharter.org

Carrie Sorensen
Position: 1st Grade Teacher
Email: csorensen@highlandercharter.org

Mark Sperduti
Position: Bus Driver

Justine Steinhauser
Position: Fifth Grade Teacher
Email: jsteinhauser@hc.school

Molly Tracy
Position: ELO and Afterschool Coordinator Warren
Email: mtracy@highlandercharter.org

Wendy VanGyzen
Position: Middle School Resource Teacher
Email: wvangyzen@highlandercharter.org

Marie Waring
Position: Second Grade Teacher
Email: mwaring@highlandercharter.org

Brian Weigand
Position: Fifth Grade Teacher
Email: bweigand@highlandercharter.org

Sue White
Position: Teacher Assistant
Email: swhite@highlandercharter.org

Mike Willard
Position: Kindergarten Teacher
Email: mwillard@highlandercharter.org

John Wolf
Position: Middle School English Teacher
Email: jwolf@highlandercharter.org

Debbie Zolkos
Position: Upper School Special Education Resource Teacher
Email: dzolkos@highlandercharter.org

Our Administrative Team

missing-Student ID-10Rose Mary Grant

Position: Head of School
Email: rgrant@highlandercharter.org 
Bio: Rose Mary has over 30 years of experience in the education profession.  Before coming to Highlander in 2002, she worked at a range of public and independent schools both as a teacher and an administrator. She began her teaching in North Carolina at a school for students with multiple handicaps and continued using her special education degree at St. Andrew’s School in Barrington, RI, where she was a resource teacher and the Special Education Director. Rose Mary also worked at Barrington High School as a resource teacher before returning to St. Andrew’s as the academic director.  She started at Highlander teaching grades 7 and 8 before moving into the Principal and Special Education Director position in 2004 and finally the Head of School in 2007. Originally from Riverside, RI, she has her undergraduate and graduate degrees from Rhode Island College. Her educational philosophy is clearly visible in the school’s mission, vision and values.  Equity and access for all students regardless of race or socioeconomic status. All students deserve high quality educational opportunities in a safe nurturing environment where educating the whole child is key.


Jane Picciotti
Position: Assistant Head of School Lower School
Email: jpicciotti@highlandercharter.org 
Bio: Jane has been working at Highlander Charter School since the year 2000, its first year in operation.  She started as a kindergarten and first grade teacher.  In the year, 2004, she moved to the administrative team.  While she misses the classroom, she loves working within the greater school community and the opportunity to work every child and family. Jane attended University of Rhode Island and received her Bachelors in Early Childhood Education in 2000.  In 2009, she received a M.Ed in Special Education from Lesley University. Jane’s goal is to provide a safe and stimulating environment to provide students with the skills they need to become productive global citizens.

missing-Student IDJessie Blanco-Busam
Position: Assistant Head of School Upper School
Email: jblanco@highlandercharter.org 
Bio: Jessica has over a decade of experience working with students and their families as an educator at Highlander Charter School. Before becoming Assistant Head of School, she taught 4th grade and 5th grade at the Lower School. Her work was guided by the belief that her role was to provide students with the nurturing and guidance they need to become independent learners and critical thinkers. She spent last year as an aspiring principal while obtaining her Building Administrator’s Certificate through the Principal Residency Network. Originally from Hartford, CT, Jessica moved to Rhode Island in 1999 to attend Brown University where she earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Education, her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology, and her Masters of Arts degree in Teaching. She is currently working towards earning her doctorate degree in Educational Leadership at Johnson and Wales University. Jessica’s goal in her new position is to support Highlander’s vision towards equity and excellence as they continue to grow as a school.

missing-Student ID-27John Wolf
Position: Middle School Director, Middle School English Teacher
Email: jwolf@highlandercharter.org 
Bio: John has been teaching and coaching middle and high school students in and around Providence for eighteen years.  He taught middle school science, math, and ELA at Highlander for ten years before teaching high school geometry and environmental science at The Greene School in 2014.  Recently, he spent two years working with new teachers as one of RIDE’s Beginning Teacher Induction Coaches.  John graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1989 before serving the Navy as a Surface Warfare Officer for 5 years. He has worked as a City Year Team Leader, a Summerbridge Master Teacher, and as a teacher at an Outward Bound Middle School and the San Miguel School in Providence. He earned his Masters in Education Administration from Providence College in 2013. John is guided by a drive to make schools great places for all students to thrive in and he is committed to helping to build amazing learning communities wherever he is.