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Family Engagement

The Office of Family Engagement plans and coordinates activities and events for families, translates at family events, and more.  To inquire about any of these services, please contact Tatiana Romero at or 401-277-2600.

Links to District Newsletters:

School Life

The Office of School Life manages Highlander's admissions lottery, transportation, lunch program, student records and more.  To inquire about any of these services, please contact Ada Rojas at or 401-247-3585.

Stay connected to your child's work at Highlander through the links listed below.

Please take the time to learn about them and ask a teacher or staff member to help if you are having difficulty!


Skyward is a tool that helps parents track their child's progress.  You can see:

  • Report cards and progress reports
  • Class schedules and assignments
  • Communicate with teachers
  • Monitor absences and discipline

Class Dojo

This tool allows all Highlander parents who have created a login with their child's teacher to view day to day classroom activities as well as get updates on whole school activities from our Principals Ms. Roseberry in Providence, Dr. Blanco or Mr. Willard, in Warren, and Family Engagement Coordinator, Ms. Tatiana Iezzi.

If you need a login, please reach out to your child's teacher!


Highlander Charter School has established that each student must earn 20 credits to participate in graduation exercises and receive a high school diploma. They must also meet the additional requirements stated below.  All course credits and requirements must be completed in order for students to participate in graduation exercises.

Graduation Requirements*

For a student to graduate from Highlander Charter School, the following requirements must be met:

Credit Requirements (20 credits)

English 4 credits
Math (including Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II)** 4 credits
Social Studies (including Civics & Government) 3 credits
Science 3 credits
Physical Education & Health (1 semester each year) 2 credits
Electives (including but not limited to the Arts, Technology, World Language***) 2.5 credits
Financial Literacy 0.5 credit
Computer Science 0.5 credit
The Arts (Dance, Music, Theater, and Visual Arts & Design) 0.5 credit

*Graduation Requirements:

  • These requirements apply to the Classes of 2024, 2025, 2026, and 2027.

** Math: 

  • If a student earns high school Algebra I or Geometry credit during middle school, they will still need to earn four math credits during their high school years in more advanced courses.
  • Some students will be allowed to replace Algebra II with a different math course. This must be pre-approved by the Multidisciplinary Team. 

***World Language:

  • Students are able to earn world language credits by completing a proficiency examination.
  • World language credit earned in 8th grade counts towards world language high school credits preferred by colleges and universities.
  • Proficiency benchmarks will equate to 1, 2, 3, or 4 world language credits.  

Additional Requirements:

  • 40 hours of Community Service (Suggested 10 hours each year)
  • Successful completion of the Senior Capstone Project (required ℅ 2026 and later) or Senior Portfolio (only available as an option for ℅ 2024 and 2025)