Flu Shot Clinics Monday, October 7 th

Warren Campus 8am-10:30am.  Info and Registration here.

Providence Campus 3pm-5:30 pm

School Health Program

School is a place for healthy students. We do our best to maintain a healthy environment in school. We also teach students how to stay healthy and make healthy choices

Highlander has a certified school nurse teacher on staff at each location. The nurse is responsible for administering medication in school, first aid, maintaining health records, working with families and students around chronic illness, performing and/or arranging health screenings (vision, scoliosis, dental, and hearing), and teaching a health curriculum. The school nurse notifies families in cases of contagious illness (such as strep throat) and works with the Rhode Island Department of Health in cases of outbreaks (chickenpox, etc.).

If there is a medical emergency while the student is in school, the nurse or administrator may have the student sent to the hospital immediately, while also calling the family. It is important that the school has emergency numbers in the event we are unable to contact you if your child has become ill or has sustained an injury while at school.

The school will call a parent/guardian to pick up his/her child if s/he becomes ill in school, or if there is a question of contagious illness, which may spread to other students.

Please call the nurse in the building your child attends if your child has any illnesses, allergies, needs to take medication in school, or if you have any questions regarding your student’s health.